Apprenticeship Basics

Apprenticeship Training Basics

Why is apprenticeship training important? For hundreds of years, valuable trade skills and knowledge have been passed down from one generation to the next through apprenticeships.

When you hire an apprentice, you’re investing in the future of your business and our economy. Everyone in the apprenticeship training system has a role to play in making the experience and investment a success.

Your role in apprenticeship training

Most apprenticeships take about four years to complete, with 85% of the apprentice’s time spent training on the job, and 15% on classroom technical training. As an employer hiring an apprentice, you are responsible for:

  • Hiring and training the apprentice
  • Registering with SkilledTradesBC
  • Tracking and reporting progress
  • Allowing the apprentice to be absent during their technical training
  • Evaluating and recommending the apprentice for certification

Either you, or another skilled trades professional, can be the apprentice's sponsor. The employer sponsor is the person that commits to training the apprentice on the job. We recommend this person be a certified journeyperson, or have Sign Off Authority from SkilledTradesBC to sponsor an apprentice. 

Did you know BC is working with other provinces and territories to allow apprentices from out-of-province to receive credit for hours worked in BC? If you have a question about hiring an out-of-province apprentice, then you should also consider contacting that jurisdiction for more information regarding their specific requirements.