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Level Exam

If you have some experience in your trade but do not meet the requirements to take the full certification exam, you can choose to challenge a level of technical training. This will allow you to enter into an apprenticeship at the appropriate level.   

Before you apply, please: 

  • Submit your completed Level Exam Application Form and Sponsor letter of support to Customer Service.

Note: Accepted exam applications take approximately 10-15 business days to schedule. 


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Steps to Challenge a Level Exam

Apprentices registered with a sponsor are required to provide a sponsor letter of support. The letter must include: 

  • The trade and level you are applying to challenge.  
    If your trade is one of the Skilled Trades Certification trades, please see this page for a different process.

  • The reason the sponsor representative believes you should be eligible to write the exam. 

The letter can be submitted as a: 

  • Scanned letter on sponsor organization letterhead, signed by a sponsor representative or 

  • In the body of an email sent from the sponsor representative email listed on their SkilledTradesBC Portal account. 

Note: The sponsor representative must be on the sponsor organization SkilledTradesBC staff list. If your sponsor needs to be added to the sponsor organization staff list, they will need to submit an Add-Remove staff form, available on the SkilledTradesBC Portal or on the Forms page

Apprentices not registered with a sponsor are not required to submit a sponsor letter of support. 

Apprentices who have failed a level of technical training must wait a minimum of 6 months from the final day of failed training before applying to challenge a level exam. 

Documents that SkilledTradesBC must receive to process a Level Challenge application: 

  • Sponsor letter of support submitted either via scanned letter or e-mail from sponsor domain address (if sponsored). 

  • Level Exam Application Form or call Customer Service to request an exam once you or your sponsor are notified that we’ve received your sponsor letter of support. 

Please send completed forms to Customer Service

Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be returned to you. 

SkilledTradesBC will review your application package. The processing time is approximately 10-15 business days. 

If approved 

  • You will be immediately scheduled to write your exam based on the requested date provided on the Level Exam Application Form, if available. If a seat is not available for that date, you will be scheduled for the next available date at the location you requested. 

If not approved 

  • A SkilledTradesBC representative will inform you why your application was denied and advice will be provided. 

Note: Prior approval does not guarantee future rewrites. Please view the Results and Rewrites page for additional information. 

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