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Challenge a

Skilled Trade

Why Get Certified?  

Getting certified for your trade in B.C. means greater career opportunities, mobility within Canada, and industry-recognized competency.


The Process  

To challenge a trade means to assess your skills, knowledge, and experience against the standards set by SkilledTradesBC. Our Assessments team reviews applications, verifies employer references, and administers exams to applicants who qualify to challenge a trade certification or level exam. All challenge applications will be reviewed, and approved applications will be scheduled to write the certification exam at an approved location. 

To find out how your level of experience compares to SkilledTradesBC’s standards, start by finding your trade and reviewing the challenge requirements.   


Skilled Trades Certification

Skilled Trades Certification, also known as compulsory trades, is now in effect, requiring tradespeople working in 7 electrical and mechanical trades to be registered apprentices or a certified journeyperson.Learn more.

Challenge a

level Exam

If you have more limited experience working in a trade, you may be eligible to challenge a level exam, and, if successful, receive credit for a level of technical training.

Write a

certification Exam

If you have extensive experience working in a trade, you may be eligible to write the certification exam and, if successful, receive certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

A practical assessment is not a requirement for all trades. You can check if this is a requirement by visiting the trade profile page, or reviewing the email sent to you from SkilledTradesBC upon approval of your application. This email contains details on how to schedule your practical assessment.   

If you have extensive experience in your trade, you may be eligible to challenge the certification or Red Seal exam. Challenging a certification or Red Seal exam is a different process than challenging a level exam. Learn more.

For a list of study resources that may help you prepare for the exam, please visit our Exam and Study Support page.

No, there is no fee to challenge a level exam or to rewrite the exam. 

Apprentices must complete technical training to be eligible, as per Service Canada. Level challengers are ineligible for this grant.

You can write your exam at one of our regular sessions or at a Service BC office. For a list of locations please view our Exam Schedule.

You can apply to write any SkilledTradesBC exam with a translation dictionary. See our Exam Accommodations page for details.

For information on how to prepare and where to find study resources for your exam please visit see our Exam and Study Support page.

If you fail your exam, you will be allowed two rewrites. If you fail both rewrites, you must enroll in technical training. See our Results and Rewrites page.