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Why Skilled Trades Certification is good for your business

Skilled Trades Certification will formally recognize the skills of trade workers and boost credibility and prestige of the trades, attracting more people to join the skilled trades. This will help build a strong labour force to fill your hiring needs as your business grows.  

By requiring trade workers to be either become a certified journeyperson or a registered apprentice, Skilled Trades Certification helps ensure you have a highly skilled workforce to set your business up for success. It can help promote your business as an employer of choice and attract top talent by showing your support for certification and learning.

What you need to know 

Working in Skilled Trades Certification trades

  • If your employees carry out work described in the scope of work of Skilled Trades Certification trades, then they must be one of the following:

    • A registered apprentice

    • A certified journeyperson

  • You need to maintain records of your employees’ qualifications to work in Skilled Trades Certification trades and be able to produce them on request.

Supervision Ratio

  • The supervision ratio of apprentice to journeyperson is 2:1 for electrical and mechanical Skilled Trades Certification trades.

  • A 2:1 apprentice to journeyperson supervision ratio helps ensure that apprentices get the right level of training and experience they need to become qualified workers, who in turn can support your business and the needs of British Columbians.

  • The following are NOT included for the purpose of calculating a supervision ratio of persons employed in Skilled Trades Certification trades:

    • a level 4 apprentice (a registered apprentice who has completed all level 3 requirements)

    • a Trade Qualifier who works under a temporary authorization

    • a person who is participating in an industry training program that includes a work experience component, such as youth trade programs and trade foundation programs

  • The following may be included as a journeyperson for the purpose of calculating a supervision ratio:

    • an employer who is a journeyperson

    • an experienced tradesperson who works under temporary authorization

  • If you feel you may have difficulty in meeting this requirement, please contact a Skilled Trades Certification Advisor who can help you with your options.

Skilled Trades Certification Requirements Checklist – Employers

  • Make sure all employees who carry out work described in the scope of work of Skilled Trades Certification trades are one of the following:
    • A registered apprentice
    • A certified journeyperson
  • Maintain their records of qualifications to work
  • Meet the supervision ratio
  • Become an employer sponsor to your uncertified workers as they register as apprentices
  • Support your uncertified workers to challenge level or certification exams and work towards certification



In addition to the provincial and federal supports available to registered employers and apprentices, we have also enhanced our supports to customers in the Skilled Trades Certification trades.

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