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Success Story: Ty Edwards

Ty Edwards, a Red Seal Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, kickstarted his trades career in high school. Growing up on a farm, he always had a passion for working with his hands and found joy in fixing machines that serve critical roles in our economy and communities. 

Former gold medalist smiling and standing in front of baking area of the Skills Canada BC competition
Success Story: Shoshawna Blair

As a Red Seal Baker and Skills Canada BC Gold Medalist, Shoshawna Blair not only whisks up delicious treats, but also advocates passionately for aspiring students in the skilled trades.  

Sponsor Employer Success Story: Knappett Projects Inc.

Ryan Thran is a big supporter of youth apprenticeship. In his 33 years at Knappett Projects Inc., he’s helped mentor and develop dozens of apprentices into certified journeypersons and wants to see more. As a Red Seal Carpenter, he has gone through the apprenticeship pathway with Knappett himself and hopes he can inspire others to take on an apprenticeship. 

Success Story: Ethan Lloyd

Ethan Lloyd is living his dream as an apprentice carpenter and aspires to complete his certification and travel the world with his skills. 

Miho Hind

Miho Hind is navigating new worlds - she's a new mom and a Level 1 plumbing apprentice. Starting a new career was something on her radar, but as a new mom she knew she needed some support in getting the wheels in motion. 

Success Story: Vanessa Nokleby

Vanessa, an electrician, first found her passion through a Women in Trades program, where she was able to explore various trades in a safe and welcoming environment. She encourages more women to invest in themselves; "your future self will thank you!"

Success Story: Amanda Koehler

Amanda is a Red Seal Motorcycle Technician with 20 years of experience. Amanda wants everyone to feel comfortable to pursue their dreams, emphasizing the importance of growing inclusivity in the trades. 

metal fabricator
Success Story: Monique Song

Monique Song is a Metal Fabricator apprentice who discovered the trades through the Trades Discovery for Women program at BCIT.

Success Story: Amandeep Beesla

Amandeep Beesla is certified as a Heavy Equipment Operator with over 20 years of experience in the skilled trades. Amandeep is proud to be part of the building industry in BC and to represent the South Asian community.