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Rebecca Marshall
Celebrating Indigenous Peoples in the Skilled Trades: Rebecca Marshall

This month, we are celebrating Indigenous Peoples in the skilled trades! Rebecca Marshall is a Red Seal Cook, who works as a Transport Canada Endorsed Ship's Cook aboard an Emergency Tow Vessel on the coast of British Columbia. Read this Q&A to learn more about her apprenticeship journey and what being Indigenous means to her. 

Red Seal Machinist
Celebrating Indigenous Peoples in the Skilled Trades: Chelsea Barron

For Chelsea Barron, growing up in a family of tradespeople made the decision of pursuing a career in the skilled trades a natural choice. Read on to learn about her Red Seal journey as well as her reflections on what Indigenous History Month and Indigenous People's Day means to her. 

Asian Heritage Month Feature: 金巧淳 (Judy Chin)

As part of Asian Heritage Month, we’re highlighting and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of the tradespeople that make up British Columbia’s labour force. In this Q&A, we connected with 金巧淳 (Judy Chin), a Red Seal Welder working as a Welder Fabricator in Coquitlam, BC.

Neutron Factory Works

Originally established in 1986 as Neutron Electric, today Neutron Factory Works (NFW) provides specialized industrial trades & technical services to factories throughout B.C. and Alberta.

Exploring a New Lane in Automotive Trades

Ela Alejandrino moved to Canada over 10 years ago from the Philippines in search of a better future for her family. She recently took a trade sampler program to learn skills in the transportation trade industry.

Q+A with Red Seal Plumber Sam Tsai

I would love to run a successful company in the future and relay the morals and high-tier service that I was taught as a young apprentice. I want to be a role model that you don't have to scam and take advantage of others to do well in life. Treat others well and they will one day do likewise.