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If you are working in the Electrical or Mechanical trades, it’s important to understand Skilled Trades Certification and how you may be affected by implementation. 

Under Skilled Trades Certification, uncertified and unregistered workers in the seven Electrical and Mechanical trades below are required to be registered as an apprentice, be a certified journeyperson, or have applied as a Trade Qualifier or Uncertified Experienced Worker. 

Skilled Trades Certification Trades:

  • Construction Electrician

  • Industrial Electrician

  • Powerline Technician

  • Steamfitter/Pipefitter

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

  • Gasfitter Class A and Class B

  • Sheet Metal Worker


Not Impacted

If you are a registered apprentice or a certified journeyperson in one of these trades, there is no impact to you. 



If you are an uncertified worker in one of these trades, you are impacted.

If you have...


completed less than 1,800 work-based training hours (1 year).

Learn how you can begin your apprenticeship journey.

completed 1,800-5,400 work-based training hours (1-4 years).

Learn more about challenging a level exam as a Level Challenger.

completed more than 9,000 work-based training hours (5+ years).

Learn more about challenge pathways as an Experienced Worker.



All employers in Skilled Trades Certification trades need to ensure their employees meet the requirements, maintain a 2:1 apprentice to journeyperson supervision ratio and complete the Employer Workforce Submission through the Portal. Visit our Skilled Trades Certification page for employers to learn about the benefits of certification and how to help ensure your employees and business are prepared. 



In addition to the provincial and federal supports available to registered employers and apprentices, we have also enhanced our supports to customers in the Skilled Trades Certification trades.

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