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Mobility is an important factor for apprentices, as the ability to relocate anywhere in Canada without interruption to training is key to pursuing opportunities.  

To support this mobility, there are a range of provincial and territorial protocols and agreements in place. This includes the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Protocol and the Provincial-Territorial Mobility Agreement, which help ensure apprentices receive recognition for hours worked and other training completed. 

The Protocol and Agreement apply to apprentices that wish to move: 

  • Temporarily to work, take technical training and write exams 

  • Permanently, where they will receive recognition for their training and exams successfully completed in the same or equivalent trade without having to repeat their training  

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Registered in another province? 

If you are registered in another province, you may be eligible to receive credits towards your apprenticeship in B.C.  

To begin this process, you’ll need to register with a sponsor in B.C. and provide a B.C. mailing address on your registration application through the SkilledTradesBC Portal