STC Trades

Interprovincial Exam Refreshers

SkilledTradesBC provides enhanced supports to apprentices and Trade Qualifiers, or experienced workers, in the Skilled Trades Certification trades. 

To help Apprentices and Trade Qualifiers pass their IP Red Seal exams, SkilledTradesBC is subsidizing tuition for participants who take exam refresher courses at $170 per 30-hours (1 week) of course time. 

Refresher courses are just one of the various resources to support exam preparation. They are meant to supplement technical training, on-the-job training, and independent study. SkilledTradesBC does not guarantee results on exams following a refresher course. Furthermore, while SkilledTradesBC provides guidance on standards included in some of these refresher courses, training providers are solely responsible for the development of course content, therefore, SkilledTradesBC does not assume responsibility for the quality or accuracy of Refresher Courses. 

The following trades currently have subsidized IP Exam Refreshers:

STC Trades - IP Exam Refreshers