What to Expect

on exam day

There are several ways to ensure you’re prepared and know what to expect before exam day.

Arrive Early and Check in 

Arrive 30 minutes prior to the exam. An invigilator will ensure you are registered, have the materials you need, and follow the rules. 


Bring Mandatory Photo ID 

Bring one of the following types of photo identification (ID). Your photo ID must be valid and current on the day you write your exam. Expired ID or ID with no expiry date will not be accepted.  

  • Driver’s License (issued by a Canadian Province or Territory)  

  • Provincial Identification Card 

  • Passport (Canada or foreign)  

  • BC Services Card 

  • Canadian Permanent Residency Card  

  • Canadian Certificate of Indian Status 

  • Nexus Card  

All ID documents must be originals, legible and not torn or altered in any way. Copies or certified copies will not be accepted. See samples of acceptable photo identification

If you can’t show one of these types of identification, you won’t be allowed to write your exam. You will need to reschedule with SkilledTradesBC and pay any rescheduling fees.  


Bring the Appropriate Materials 

Standard Level Exams 

You are required to bring your own code book (if applicable) and calculator for Standard Level Exams.  

You may bring a cordless, pocket-sized calculator to the exam. Scientific calculators are permitted; however, programmable or trade-specific calculators, cellular phones, watches, wireless communication devices, personal data assistants, cameras, and all other electrical equipment that can store or transmit data are prohibited.   

Code books must not have any additional sheets of paper. Acceptable markings include:  

  • Clarifications; i.e., notes to define or clarify legal or technical terms  

  • References/tables to mark sections for easy reference  

  • Highlighting  

  • Page references to locate relevant information quickly  

For paper exams, you’ll receive: 

  • Exam booklet  

  • Pencil  

  • Eraser  

  • Answer sheet  

  • Diagram booklet, if required  

  • Exam question feedback form  

For online exams, you’ll receive:  

  • Scrap paper  

  • Pencil  

  • Eraser  

  • Online access code  

Certificate of Qualification or Red Seal Interprovincial Exams 

You’ll be provided with all the materials you need to write the exam. These include:  

  • Exam booklet  

  • Pencil  

  • Eraser  

  • Calculator  

  • Answer sheet  

  • Exam question feedback form  

Diagram and code books will be supplied when required. No outside code books or calculators will be permitted in the exam room.  


Prohibited Items  

All prohibited items must be stored away from candidates at the side or front of the room during their exam. Candidates must receive prior written approval from SkilledTradesBC to have any additional items with them during exams.  

Invigilators have the authority to request that candidates remove items they feel will compromise the security of the exam. 


Additional Details 


Time Limits 

Interprovincial Red Seal - 4 hours  

Certificate of Qualification - 3 hours  

Standard Level Exam - 3 hours  

Foundation and Completion Exams - 3 hours  


Exam Feedback

When you write an exam, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on specific questions or answers. Your feedback will not affect your mark, but it will be used to improve the quality of future exams. 

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