Government Mandate Letter

Each year, the Minister responsible for SkilledTradesBC and the Chair of our Board sign a Mandate Letter. It provides guidance to SkilledTradesBC on principles and broad policy direction relevant to our mandate. The letter also tasks us with specific actions to be undertaken during the year.


Service Plans

SkilledTradesBC's annual Service Plan is where we define our goals and strategies we’ll pursue and the measures by which we’ll gauge our success. 


Strategic Plan

The 3-Year Strategic Plan is responsive to the province’s evolving economy and its labour market needs.


Annual Reports

SkilledTradesBC’s Annual Report documents our performance against measures set out in the previous year. The Annual Report also provides detailed information on our programs, activities and finances.  


Quarterly Statistical Reports

SkilledTradesBC tracks information related to its performance measures on a quarterly basis. We also track other statistical information in these reports, including total apprenticeships or information related to female and Indigenous apprenticeships. 


Financial Reports

At the end of each fiscal year, SkilledTradesBC releases an Executive Compensation Discussion and Analysis Report as well as Financial Information Statements. 


Open Data

SkilledTradesBC is pleased to provide public access to data through our Open Data initiative.