Supports and Resources

Apprenticeship Guidebook
This SkilledTradesBC guidebook includes tools and tips for getting started, providing work-based training, monitoring/tracking progress, technical training and obtaining trade certification.

Apprentice Record Book
This SkilledTradesBC record book helps identify your apprentice’s trades training needs and tracks their progress towards certification. It can help improve your business and workforce – it enables you to better train your apprentice to meet your business needs by understanding their current skill level and what training is still needed either at work or school.

Applied Trade Math MOOC
This is a self-paced online course designed to help apprentices review and improve their applied mathematics skills. The course focuses on concepts most commonly used in the workplace and apprenticeship and trades environments. 

Aboriginal Construction Career Awareness, Recruitment and Retention
This how-to guide from the Construction Sector Council leads employers through a series of actions for setting up a successful Aboriginal Employment Initiative. It provides models and practical steps to connect construction industry employers with Aboriginal people who want to pursue a construction career.

B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG)
The B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG) is an employer-driven, cost-sharing program that can help you offset the expense of employee training – and boost the effectiveness of your workforce. The grant covers up to two-thirds of the cost of training an employee, to a maximum of $10,000 per grant.

Find out what technical training is available in a trade and level at all ITA-approved training providers in BC, and when the training is taking place. Complete information is provided about the training requirements, content, prerequisites, contacts and more.

Trades Training BC
Provides access to apprenticeship programs and training schedules for 16 public training institutions.

New Tools for Employers
CAF has compiled information and important findings from its most recent reports to create a series of one-pagers that provide tips, top five insights and more. Targeting some of the most pressing challenges and frequently asked questions.

WorkSafe BC
The most up-to-date health and safety resources aligned to the SkilledTradesBC curriculum for BC apprenticeship programs. It includes videos and information on a wide range of trades-related health and safety topics. These highly valuable resources can be incorporated into an employer's work-based training program. Currently, the Automotive Service Technician, Carpentry, Electrician Plumbing and Professional Cook trades are represented on the site.

This site provides information to help understand the economy, labour market trends and labour market projection

Women in Trades Training 

Indigenous Peoples in Trades Training

How To Submit Work Based Training Hours