Educator Resources

As an educator, you play an important role in connecting youth with the skilled trades. The resources and materials below can help get your students engaged with exploring the trades as well as how Youth Programs work.  

Youth in Trades Programs 

SkilledTradesBC Youth Trade Programs let you get started in a trade while you’re still in high school. That means you could be working in your field, learning from experts and earning a paycheque — all before you graduate. 

Youth Discover the Trades 

Spark an interest in the skilled trades! This program introduces what a trade is and gets you involved in hands-on activities. 

Youth Explore the Trades 

Try out  different trades! The Youth Explore programs give you the chance to build skills and get hands-on experience. 

Youth Train in Trades 

Get a head-start in trades training! This program is perfect for those looking to build their skills and experience in a specific trade while attending high school. 

Youth Work in Trades 

Get on-the-job training! The Youth Work in Trades program helps you develop trade skills and get paid while attending high school.

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