Youth Discover the 

Trades Program 

Youth Discover the Trades Programs will get you talking about trades. The programs vary from one-day events with local tradespeople to regular classroom activities that incorporate trades thinking and skill building. Students learn about what a trade is and why trades are awesome! 

Your project must offer hands-on trade experiences for students in grades 5 through 10. It should include additional classroom learning both before and after the event. 

Project approvals are subject to funding availability. 

Forms for Educators:

  1. Youth Discover the Trades Application 

  2. Youth Discover the Trades Lesson Plan 

  3. Youth Discover the Trades Completion Report 

  4. Media Consent Form 

  5. Youth Discover the Trades Activity Ideas and Tips Sheet


Resources for Educators 

Get classroom resources, youth program guides, workbooks, and more. 

Youth Explore

the trades

Try out different trades! The Youth Explore programs give you the chance to build skills and get hands-on experience.

Youth Train

in trades

Get a head-start in trades training! This program is perfect for those looking to build their skills and experience in a specific trade while attending high school.