Freedom of Information

Request tracker

Freedom of Information Request Tracker tracks general record requests made by the public to SkilledTradesBC under B.C.’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FOIPPA). Personal information requests are not posted.



FOI Request NumberA unique number assigned to each FOI Request.
FOI Request DescriptionA brief description of the record request.
Applicant An individual or entity that have submitted a request (for example, law firms, media, political parties, businesses, public bodies, researchers, etc.).
Status A description of the status of the request.


Status Meanings

Open The request is being prepared.
CancelledThe request was either withdrawn or transferred to another public body.
Closed The request has been completed. General record requests and SkilledTradesBC's response are posted in the FOI Request Tracker.
Response DateThe date SkilledTradesBC responded to the request.


Freedom of Information Request Tracker