Level Challengers

Why become a Level Challenger

Our province's growing economy creates strong demands for skilled trade workers. By challenging a level exam, you can enter the most appropriate apprenticeship level, put yourself on the fast track to becoming a certified journeyperson which can then lead to a successful and rewarding career.

What you need to know

A Level Challenger is an uncertified worker in one of the Skilled Trades Certification trades who has:

  • some experience in their trade, and
  • completed 1,800 work-based training hours (approximately over 1 year) per level for each level they wish to challenge

You can use the self-assessment forms to determine which level exam in the electrical and mechanical Skilled Trades Certification trades is best for you to challenge.

Self-Assessment Forms for Level Process 

  • Find your trade, select your level based on the work-based training hours you have completed and start the self-assessment. Click here to access the self-assessment forms. 
  • Here are the required hours of training for each level. Same hours apply for all Skilled Trades Certification trades.
    • Level 1 Challengers = 1,800 hours of work-based training (approximately over 1 year)
    • Level 2 Challengers = 3,600 hours of work-based training (approximately 2.3 years)
    • Level 3 Challengers = 5,400 hours of work-based training (approximately 3.5 years)
  • The forms allow you to assess your knowledge of each of the areas of competencies taught in the particular level of technical training. The questions are also weighted similarly to the exam written at the end of each technical training level.
  • After assessing the level of competencies, the form will highlight areas of strength and areas you may need further knowledge or practical experience.
  • If you score 65% or above, you may be ready for the selected level exam.
  • If you score 64% or below, you need to move down a level and re-take the self-assessment at the right level.

Skilled Trades Certification Requirements Checklist – Level Challengers

  • Based on your work-based training hours you have completed, use the self-assessment form to find out which level exam is suitable for you.
  • Complete the self-assessment with a score of 65% or higher. Download and save the PDF version of your results by clicking the Download PDF button.
  • Submit your completed level placement exam application form with all required documents. After reviewing your application, SkilledTradesBC will schedule an exam if approved.
  • Prepare and write your exam
  • If you need to rewrite your exam, our customer service team and Apprenticeship Advisors are here to help.
  • After passing your level exam, you can register as an apprentice at the right level, work with an employer sponsor and continue your journey to certification.

New Supports for Skilled Trades Certification

In addition to the provincial and federal supports available to registered employers and apprentices, we have also enhanced our supports to customers in the Skilled Trades Certification trades. For more information or to access these supports, please contact our customer service team.  

Industry-wide supports:  

  • Increased apprenticeship training seats and certification support funded over the next three years.
  • Expanded Apprenticeship Advisors team with increased regional representation and an enhanced focus on removing barriers and providing customized support for individual apprentices.
  • Set up a new dedicated team of Skilled Trades Certification Advisors across the province to enhance worker and employer supports and help with a seamless transition to the new system.

Examination supports:

  • All Skilled Trades Certification trades application and exam fees will be waived until the enforcement date to encourage workers to get on the pathway to certification.
  • There will be exam preparation information and webinar sessions available in early 2023 to cover best practices and strategies to help you succeed on the exams.
  • Accommodation requests based on individual needs such as using a translator, translation dictionary, reader or requesting additional exam time can be submitted through the SkilledTradesBC Portal or exam accommodation request form while scheduling an exam. (See Exam Accommodation Policy for more information)


Skilled Trades Certification Advisors are located throughout the province and are on hand to help businesses and uncertified workers transition to the Skilled Trades Certification model.

If you are an uncertified worker or an employer in one of the Skilled Trades Certification trades, contact our customer support via email or call to see whether you’re already on track or to get on the pathway to certification today.