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Painter and Decorators colour our world, bringing creativity to the structures around us. They turn drab surfaces into brilliant tapestries that serve all sorts of purposes for everyone to enjoy

As a Painter and Decorator, you’ll use your creative and attentive skills every day as you apply paintbrushes and rollers to surfaces. Your projects will come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the beams of a bridge to painting a house interior.  

You’ll enjoy the variety of this career, where you apply both artistry and precision with your eye for detail, good sense of colour and steady hand.  

What You'll Learn

  • How to read specifications and estimate materials 
  • How to set up scaffolding and prepare surfaces 
  • How to repair cracks and holes in walls 
  • How to mix and thin paint to achieve different colours and textures 
  • How to apply paint, stain, lacquer, enamel, metal coating, wallpaper, and fabric  

Key Job Skills

  • Project planning and business management 
  • Workplace hazard management 
  • Surface preparation and painting 
  • Colour theory application 
  • Application of wall coverings and finishes 

Technical Training

To get certified, you will need to sign up for technical training at an approved training provider in addition to on-the-job training. 

Visit Trades Training BC and EducationPlannerBC for a comprehensive list of what programs are available in your trade at public and non-public schools. 

For a list of all approved non-public training providers, visit this page.

Technical Training 18 weeks over 3 years
Work-Based Training
4860 HOURS
Salary Range Hourly
$18.00 — $31.93

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In effect starting September 1, 2023

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Challenge the


If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification. Learn more about How to Challenge a Skilled Trade.


If you sponsor apprentices but have never been certified in Canada, you may request to supervise and sign-off apprentices when they are ready to be certified. Please refer to the application form on whether this trade qualifies.