Embalmer and

Funeral Director

Embalmer and Funeral Directors play a very important role in a major event in many people’s lives. They are able to take on a big responsibility while ensuring the care and compassion needed. 

As an Embalmer and Funeral Director, you’ll draw on your strong attention to detail and precision to oversee the many details that go into the preparation of human remains and the many different types of funerals.  

You’re a compassionate & expressive individual, who works well in a challenging situation, taking great care to follow instructions while finding ways to be expressive in your work.

What You'll Learn

  • How to plan and schedule funeral services 
  • How to preserve and prepare human remains 
  • How to coordinate burials and cremations 
  • How to speak to grieving families about funeral arrangements and survivor benefits  
  • How to manage funeral home operations and staff 

Key Job Skills

  • Communication and Coordination  
  • Funeral practices, law and service ethics 
  • Human anatomy and physiology 
  • Safety, sanitation and hygiene practice 
  • Embalming  

Technical Training

To get certified, you will need to sign up for technical training at an approved training provider in addition to on-the-job training. 

Visit Trades Training BC and EducationPlannerBC for a comprehensive list of what programs are available in your trade at public and non-public schools. 

For a list of all approved non-public training providers, visit this page.

Technical Training 8 weeks over 2 years
Work-Based Training
3600 HOURS
Salary Range Hourly
$20.00 — $34.32

Program Update

No challenge process is currently available for this certification. This decision is currently under review. For further information please contact the BC Funeral Association on 1-250-592-3213 and at info [at] bcfunerals.com (info[at]bcfunerals[dot]com)

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