Welder Endorsement:

Multi-Process Alloy Welding (MPAW) 

Multi-Process Alloy Welders combine the skills all welders learn to master and then pushing them to the next level with expertise in specialized alloys and welding processes. 

As a Multi-Process Alloy Welder (MPAW), you’ll enjoy the challenge that comes with taking your welding skills to the next level.  

You’ll test your precision and coordination, as you learn to master specialized welding techniques. Identifying these next-level skills and the types of metals they work with will require focus, and collaboration as you work out the best solution for each task. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to describe and identify specialized welding processes 
  • How to interpret and apply mechanical drawings and layout components 
  • How to fabricate weldments 
  • How to use the Shielded Metal Arc Welding process on low-carbon steel plate and pipe and stainless steel  
  • How to use the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process for stainless steel 

Key Job Skills

  • Precision 
  • Coordination 
  • Basic Metallurgy 
  • Weldment fabrication 
  • Specialized welding processes 

Technical Training

To get certified, you will need to sign up for technical training at an approved training provider in addition to on-the-job training. 

Visit Trades Training BC and EducationPlannerBC for a comprehensive list of what programs are available in your trade at public and non-public schools. 

Technical Training 5 weeks over 1 year
Work-Based Training
Salary Range Hourly
$22.00 — $44.97

Program Updates

  • March 31, 2017OPSN 2016 014 (New Program Outline in effect)
    Note: Changes to the Welder program have impacted MPAW endorsement training content. Please refer to the Outline review details attached to the OPSN.

Exam Resources

To register for this program, you must hold either a Welder – Certificate of Qualification with Interprovincial Red Seal Endorsement or a Welder B – Certificate of Qualification with Interprovincial Red Seal Endorsement. This advanced level of training will appear as an endorsement on the original Welder Certificate of Qualification. 

For more information on the Welder program please refer to the Welder program page.

Program Information

Challenge the


If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification. Learn more about How to Challenge a Skilled Trade.


If you sponsor apprentices but have never been certified in Canada, you may request to supervise and sign-off apprentices when they are ready to be certified. Please refer to the application form on whether this trade qualifies.