Water Well


Water Well Drillers are water experts who know how to identify water drilling locations and install, fix and maintain the valuable infrastructure that carries our most essential natural resource.

As a Water Well Driller, you’ll enjoy working outdoors as you operate specialized equipment to drill residential, commercial and industrial water wells.  

Your role requires a calm and confident hand, as you’ll not only help customers select a drilling site and estimate the cost, but also identify safe, potable water and know how to clean and disinfect wells in preparation for use.  

What You'll Learn

  • How to review client needs and proposed locations for water wells  
  • How to operate water well drilling rigs 
  • How to install, test and maintain water well pumps, piping systems, well screens, casings and other well fixtures 
  • How to clean and disinfect wells in preparation for use 
  • How to conduct routine maintenance on equipment 

Key Job Skills

  • Critical thinking and monitoring 
  • Repair and maintenance  
  • Safety requirements and procedures 
  • Equipment operation 
  • Welding, cutting and drilling 

Technical Training

BC apprentices registered in this program must take their technical training in Alberta. Click here to view the Program Outline and technical training in Alberta. 

Click here to view the training schedule in Alberta. 

Technical Training 12 weeks over 2 years
Work-Based Training
3240 HOURS

For further information on this trade and for a detailed list of learning materials please contact BC Ground Water Association on 604-530-8934 (Toll free within BC: 1-855-530-8934) and at secretary [at] bcgwa.org (secretary[at]bcgwa[dot]org)

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