Q&A with Heavy Equipment Operator Amandeep Beesla

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Amandeep Beesla is certified as a Heavy Equipment Operator with over 20 years of experience in the skilled trades. Amandeep is proud to be part of the building industry in BC and to represent the South Asian community.

amandeep profile photoHow did you get into your skilled trade?

I grew up in a trucking family and was always drawn to construction. I loved being in truck as a kid and then made it my profession when I got older. I took a shift and got into health and safety, still in construction, but also in oil and gas now also (heavy industrial). 

What keeps you motivated?

Being certified means I've overcome tests and have been deemed competent and qualified to do my trade. I was always self-motivated to keep going with my credentials, certifications, and designations. The most surprising would be the structure around deeming competence. For running equipment in BC, there isn't much in terms of formal apprenticeship programs. 

Why is it important to you for women to participate in the skilled trades?

I love doing what I do. I have a sense of pride, building in BC and also representing the South Asian / East Indian community. Being a visible minority plays a key in my identity and I love to act as a role model for other tradeswomen, especially of similiar decent as mine. Being in the trades, we rarely see this but it's up to us to continue a path forward. 

What advice or message do you have for girls and women interested in pursuing a career in the trades?

Keep pushing forward, you got this! You can do it. There are resources and support out there for you such as the BCCWITT and organizations such as the BC Tradeswomen Society that want to see you succeed. The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. If you're struggling, reach out. If you don't know something, ask. Look for a role model or mentor to travel the road with you.