This section will help you understand how SkilledTradesBC exams work. It also has tips to help you prepare for exams throughout your apprenticeship.

You will take 3 types of exams during your apprenticeship:

Exams during your technical training

Most of the exams in your apprenticeship will be included in your in-class technical training. Your technical training results (including those exam marks) will automatically be sent to SkilledTradesBC and form part of your apprenticeship record.

Standard Level Exams

Many trades also have SkilledTradesBC level exams. Level exams are the same for every apprentice at any training provider in the province. These exams are scheduled on your last day of in-school training and will count for 20% of your mark. Learn more here.

SkilledTradesBC Final Certification Exams

When all levels of your technical training are complete, SkilledTradesBC will come to your school and administer the final certification exam to your whole class. This exam will cover all levels and theory in your apprenticeship. View list of Certification Exams here.

Some trades do not require formal technical training in addition to work experience. If you are in one of these trades, contact SkilledTradesBC when you are ready to schedule your final certification exam.