5 Maker Activities

You Can Do At Home with Your Kids 

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We've put together a list of 5 fun and educational trades related activities you can do at home with your kids.

5 Maker Activities You Can Do At Home With Your Kids
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For moms and dads who find yourselves working from home during these uncertain times, one of the biggest challenges with homeschooling your children is keeping them engaged, excited and focused on their education. Adjusting from a dynamic classroom environment to a home learning setup can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

If your child has a natural interest in creating, building and fixing (think Legos or origami) perhaps they might be a future trades professional.

So, we’ve compiled a list of free online projects you can easily do at home with your kids. These projects are fun and educational, while sparking the analytical, creative and problem-solving spirit that trades careers can offer. Let’s go!

Power Smart For Schools was created with B.C. teachers in mind, but there’s no reason why these projects can’t be done at home. There’s a ton of free activities that focus on conservation, electricity, energy, safety and sustainability. What’s even better is that all the activities align with the B.C. curriculum. This simple project shows kids how to create their very own electromagnet and learn how electricity can be converted to magnetism.

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: Easy to follow along, you likely have these materials at home
Cons: None

Link: https://schools.bchydro.com/activities/31

Related Trades: Construction ElectricianIndustrial ElectricianIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)

2. Lowe’s Home Improvement: Woodworking Projects for Kids: How to Build a Box

Create your own multi-purpose wooden box.  If you don’t have a home wood-working shop, you can improvise with things like construction paper, cardboard, glue and tape. Remember, the skilled trades are all about solving everyday problems using technique, accuracy, safety and process.

Difficulty: Medium
Pros: Easy to follow along, great fundamental learning
Cons: You may need to improvise with materials

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnuNu1cpjC4&t=26s

Related Trades: CarpenterCabinet MakerMetal FabricatorIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)

3. How to Make a DIY Electric Powered Mini Car

Not only does this DIY car drive on its own, but it also teaches some basics on how electric circuits work. This one is for your intermediate learner, but well worth the time.

Difficulty: Medium
Pros: Fun, gratifying and easy to follow along
Cons: This project requires some items which you might not have at home

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qymG8w4ZIpE&t=66s

Related Trades: Automotive Service TechnicianIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)MachinistConstruction ElectricianIndustrial Electrician

4. Rubber Band Helicopter

Stem Inventions is an organization which aims to teach kids about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through easy-to-follow activities. This rubber band helicopter project is relatively simple and uses materials you can find at home. It’s fun and teaches your kids to think like a builder and problem solver.

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: Fun, gratifying and easy to follow along
Cons: The helicopter can be flown as high as 20 feet, so a backyard may be useful!

Link: https://www.stem-inventions.com/helicopters

Related Trades: Aircraft Maintenance TechnicianAircraft Structural Technician

5. Truss Bridge

This Truss Bridge is also made by Stem Inventions and teaches kids how to make a bridge that can hold up to 20lbs! Using popsicle sticks, a glue gun and some zip ties, you can learn how structures like cranes and bridges are able to carry so much weight!

Difficulty: Easy
Pros: Fun, easy to follow
Cons: None

Link: https://www.stem-inventions.com/truss-bridge

Related Trades: Tower Crane OperatorMobile Crane OperatorWelder

SkilledTradesBC partners with elementary schools and high schools across B.C to deliver Youth in Trades Programs that start as early as Grade 5. Visit our Youth page to explore the different SkilledTradesBC funded trades programs and find out how your child can get an early start to a great and rewarding trades career.

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