Locksmiths are security experts who build, install, repair and maintain the complex and fascinating systems we use to start our cars, lock our homes and protect our valuable possessions. 

As a Locksmith, you’re a highly inquisitive and precise professional who never shies away from a complex challenge.  

Due to your persistent and logical nature, you’ll greatly enjoy working on all sorts of security components. You’ll not only cut keys, but also repair, service and install various control systems.  

Above all, you’ll take pride in a career that helps people feel more secure.

What You'll Learn

  • How to interpret blueprints 
  • How to apply codes and regulations 
  • How to use key-cutting and welding tools and equipment 
  • How to create keys and install and repair locks 
  • How to install electrical components, master key systems and security hardware 

Key Job Skills

  • Customer service 
  • Communication  
  • Use of tools and equipment 
  • Creating keys and repairing locks 
  • Installing security systems 
Work-Based Training
3600 HOURS
Salary Range Hourly
$19.23 — $45.00