Introducing SkilledTradesBC




On December 1, 2022, Industry Training Authority (ITA) transitioned to a new organizational name, SkilledTradesBC, along with a new mandate. While our role in advancing B.C.'s skilled trades system hasn’t changed, it has expanded. This includes a larger focus on raising the profile of skilled trades, modernizing our approach to trades training, and implementing Skilled Trades Certification. Our organization will continue to advance B.C.’s skilled trades system to meet the needs of British Columbians. We do this by  working closely with employers and industry partners to uphold the highest standards in certification, fund trades training for apprentices and promote a wide range of rewarding, well-paying careers that are essential for our communities.  



SkilledTradesBC’s CEO Shelley Gray shares more from her perspective about this organizational transition and why she is excited by our expanded mandate and new name which will make it easier for people across the province to understand who we are and what we do. To hear more about this, watch our short video.



While B.C. has a strong and effective trades training system that offers multiple pathways for individuals to achieve certification, it was also the only province with no mandatory trades certification. In June of 2021, the Government of B.C. announced the new Skilled Trades Certification program to be implemented by SkilledTradesBC. We started implementing this program for the first seven trades beginning December 1, 2022, which includes the following trades:

  • Electrical: construction electrician, industrial electrician, powerline technician

  • Mechanical: refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic, gasfitter A & B, steamfitter/pipefitter, sheet metal worker

Three additional automotive trades (heavy-duty equipment technician, automotive service technician and autobody and collision technician) will be introduced as Skilled Trades Certification trades in 2024 and will have one year to transition once announced.

Read more about the importance of certification in the Government of B.C.’s news release here. And if you are a worker or employer in one of the Skilled Trades Certification trades and want to start your journey to Skilled Trades Certification now, find out more here.


The good news is all of our existing ITA emails, phone numbers, website and social media will still work. However, we encourage you to start using the contact information above to contact us in the future.

All certificates, wallet cards and registration cards that were processed by us before December 1, 2022 will still use the name ITA. These will continue to remain effective. Any documents processed after December 1, 2022 will use SkilledTradesBC.

No. Registration cards issued under the name of ITA or SkilledTradesBC are valid proof of apprenticeship. There is no need for these to be reissued.

Both certificates are still valid and you should be able to continue to use all ITA certification previously issued. Please contact our customer support team and they can provide you with guidance to ensure that you are able to continue to use any and all official documents issued by either ITA or SkilledTradesBC.

No, all progress apprenticeship records will remain the same. Some apprentices who receive certification at each level will end up with some levels issued by ITA and some by SkilledTradesBC, but both are valid.  

No, both ITA and SkilledTradesBC issued letters and certifications are valid to apply for your grants.