Results and Rewrites


SkilledTradesBC exams are electronically scanned and scored. Quality control procedures during and after scoring ensure the accuracy of your exam results. The passing rate for all SkilledTradesBC exams is 70%.

Exam Scoring Formula

# of Correct Answers # of Questions   =   X 100

80 120  =   66.7100

Your final score is a simple percentage calculated by dividing the number of correct answers by the number of questions on the exam. For example, if there are 120 questions on your exam and you answered 80 of them correctly, you would receive a score of 67%.

As each topic area has a different number of questions, an accurate score cannot be obtained using the percentage from each topic.

Your Exam Results Letter will have details of your mark on each topic area. 

Getting your IPSE & CofQ exam results

SkilledTradesBC strives to mark your exam as soon as possible as we realize your results are important. Our goal is to provide your results by email within 10* to 30 days of your exam. This letter will be sent to the e-mail address you provided to ITA. You can also log into your apprenticeship account to see your results as soon as they are available.

*During peak periods, processing times may be higher than normal. We apologize for any delays and thank you for your patience.

Obtaining Standard Level Exam results after Technical training

Your technical training result on the SkilledTradesBC Transcript contains both your in school and SLE exam results. To obtain each individual result, you can log into your SkilledTradesBC Direct Access account. 

You must obtain a technical training result of 70% to meet the technical training requirement, if you are not successful you can:
  1. Retake the technical training course (inschool and SLE exam) OR
  2. Wait a minimum of 6 months after failing the level of technical training and provide evidence in writing of registered employer sponsor support to challenge the level of technical training if the option is available. The letter from the registered employer sponsor should be on the company letter head or an email from company’s address and signed by an approved staff member.   
    The letter must include:
    - The level of exam the registered employer sponsor is supporting the apprentice to write;
    - The reason the registered employer sponsor believes the apprentice should be eligible to write the exam.

Questions on your exam results?

If you have questions about your results, you need to contact SkilledTradesBC in writing within 30 days of writing your exam.



You may need to rewrite an exam if you scored less than 70%. 69% or lower is considered a fail. Re-writes, if permitted, will be subject to a fee and a 30-day waiting period from the previous attempt (refer to table).

Here are the steps you need to take to rewrite an exam:

  1. Find out if you need any additional requirements to write your next exam (see below)
  2. Pay any exam scheduling fees
  3. Schedule your exam

You can schedule your exam by calling Customer Service or by completing one of the exam applications. Please email completed applications to Customer Service

We have scheduled exams at 13 locations in BC, see the schedule here. You can take your exam at any of these locations.

As of October 1, 2018 exam candidates requesting to re-write an exam must follow the process below. Candidates who have previously fallen under the old model will be required to transition to the new model.

Apprentice exams and re-writes (CofQ/IP)
Exam Attempts Process Fee Requirements
1st Write exam No fee Complete technical training
2nd Re-write exam No fee  
3rd Re-write exam with Advisor contact $100 Required to reach out to Advisor for guidance before re-writing exam
4th Re-write exam with upgrading required $100 Submit proof of upgrading form
5th Re-write exam $100 Individual's file will be reviewed by Certificate Review Committee for recommendation for support before the 5th attempt
Challengers exams and re-writes (CofQ/IP)
As of January 1, 2019, challengers are limited to four (4) total writes of their certification exam. If you have written the same exam prior to Jan 1, 2019, please contact Customer Service to confirm your eligibility to re-write.
Exam Attempts Process Fee Requirements
1st Write exam $120 Challenge Application approved
2nd Re-write exam No fee  
3rd Re-write exam with Advisor contact $100 Required to reach out to Advisor for guidance before re-writing exam
4th Re-write exam with upgrading required $100 Submit proof of upgrading form