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The refresher courses and resources below are intended to assist those who are preparing to re-write or challenge an exam, please see the disclaimer below. We are continually adding additional courses and resources to this page, please check back at a later date if you do not find what you are looking for.

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How To Videos

These videos will give you step-by-step guidance as you prepare to write your exam. We will advise you on what your next steps will look like, where to look for resources, study strategies to make the most out of your time, how to apply for translator and more.

This video will provide you with next steps, an overview of the exam writing process and material covered in the other videos.

How to find Learning Resources
This video explains types of resources, where to start looking, online resources, and the Red Seal National Occupational Analysis (NOA).

How to Study Effectively
This video will provide you with strategies for learning, creating a study plan, time management and dealing with anxiety.

How to apply for Exam Accommodations
This video will provide you with information about the types of accommodations and how to apply for them


Refresher Courses by Training Provider


*Disclaimer: The information and resources provided on this page have not been vetted by SkilledTradesBC and are intended to be used as a guide only to offer assistance to individuals who are looking for direction on where to find study materials for trade programs. Using the advice on this site by no means guarantees a pass on your exam. SkilledTradesBC will accept no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of the content.