Auto Body and Collision


Auto Body and Collision Technicians are hands-on, systematic thinkers who take great satisfaction in fixing the vehicles we depend on. They are analytical and resourceful, capable of tackling it all. 

As an Auto Body and Collision Technician, you’ll draw from your love of intricate systems and mechanics to get damaged vehicles back on the road. 

You’ll work alongside other vehicle enthusiasts, whose interest in automotive technology coincides with problem-solving. While you enjoy mastering a complex body of knowledge, you’ll find even more satisfaction from the fact that no 2 jobs are the same.

What You'll Learn

  • How to review damage reports and estimates   
  • How to analyze and diagnose structural damage  
  • How to fix exterior damage and replace body components   
  • How to fix interior seats, carpets and floorboards  
  • How to inspect and test-drive vehicles for proper alignment and handling  

Key Job Skills

  • Auto Body repair and maintenance 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Surface preparation and refinishing  
  • Auto Body construction and components   
  • Insurance estimating  


Technical Training 25 weeks over 4 years
Work-Based Training
6450 HOURS
Salary Range Hourly
$16.00 — $38.00

Harmonized Program Information

and Resources

In effect starting April 1, 2021

Exam Information

and Resources

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  • To be implemented.


  • March 2023: Program Update (IP Exams aligned to 2019 Red Seal Occupational Standards (RSOS)) A Comparative Analysis detailing changes between the 2014 National Occupational Analysis (NOA) and 2019 RSOS can be found here.


Program Information

Information for the Current (pre-harmonized) program (Motor Vehicle Body Repairer)

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