Apprentice Mobility

Provincial Territorial Apprentice Mobility Protocol and Agreement

On July 16, 2015, Canada’s Premiers signed the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Protocol, establishing a framework to facilitate apprentices mobility to pursue jobs anywhere in Canada without interruption to their continuum of training.
Ministers responsible for apprenticeship also signed a Provincial-Territorial Mobility Agreement which details jurisdictional commitments to facilitate apprentices being able to work temporarily or move permanently between provinces and territories and receive recognition for hours worked and other training completed.
The documents together create the foundation that enables apprentices to pursue training anywhere in Canada.

Temporary and Permanent Apprentice Mobility

The Premiers’ Protocol and the Ministers’ Agreement apply to apprentices that wish to move:

  • Temporarily - to work, and where they may also be able to take technical training and write exams; and
  • Permanently - where they will receive recognition for their training and exams successfully completed in the same or equivalent trade without having to repeat their training. This recognition also applies to pre-apprentices.

For apprentices, employers and others wishing to know more, refer to the Apprentice Mobility Questions and Answers, the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Guidelines or for detailed mobility processes for each province or territory, refer to the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Transfer Guide.

Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Guidelines

The Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Guidelines apply to apprenticeship training programs in all Canadian provinces and territories. The Guidelines document agreements reached by jurisdictions to facilitate apprentice mobility.

Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Transfer Guide

The Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Transfer Guide provides detailed information for apprentices when moving temporarily or permanently from their home jurisdiction to another.
The Transfer Guide includes tables and charts outlining each province’s or territory’s requirements.

Questions and Answers

For further information and responses to frequently asked questions, please refer to the Provincial-Territorial Question and Answers.

Additional Apprentice Mobility Support:

Provincial and territorial staff involved in apprenticeship are able also able to help with any questions. For temporary mobility, contact the jurisdiction that you are a registered apprentice in. For permanent mobility, as a first step you may wish to contact the jurisdiction you are wishing to permanently transfer to.

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