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SkilledTradesBC offers 4 youth programs: Discover, Explore, Train and Work. Watch the video below to learn more.

While September is traditionally the ‘back to school’ season, January is also a critical point in the education calendar. This is usually the point where students and their parents/guardians can make some critical decisions about their education pathway for the next school year (starting in the fall).  

For some high school students – this may be researching options into starting their skilled trades journey. This could mean taking their technical training or beginning their apprenticeship. If you aren’t familiar with SkilledTradesBC Youth in Trade programs, here is a helpful video from Maureen Phung, Manager of Youth Programs who provides an overview and answers some commonly asked questions.  



Frequently Asked Questions

How does a youth get an apprenticeship?

There’s a range of ways a youth can get an apprenticeship.  School career educators and programs will help young people learn how to create a resume and prepare for interviews.  From there we encourage individuals to use jobs boards and resources like WorkBC centres, attend hiring fairs or similar type of events or they can even reach out to family, friends and other adults about potential apprenticeship opportunities. Some schools have list of employers that they might suggest as well.  Taking advantage of a school’s Work Experience program is another great way for youth to find an apprenticeship. 

What trades are available?

We have nearly 90 different trades that individuals can take part in but some trades may only be offered or more readily available in certain regions of B.C. 

What kind of time commitment is the Youth Program?

The time comment for a Youth program will vary depending on the program selected and the trade selected but it can range from 1 high school course to 1 year long programs.

What is the advantage of starting in high school?

The advantage of starting in high school is that youth can get a head start on their apprenticeship.  We often see youth entering their 2nd level or even 3rd level of their apprenticeship by the time they graduate! Another advantage is that the cost of tuition for these programs are covered!


Youth Trade Programs

SkilledTradesBC Youth Trade Programs let you get started in a trade while you’re still in high school. That means you could be working in your field, learning from experts and earning a paycheque — all before you graduate. SkilledTradesBC offers 4 youth programs: Discover, Explore, Train and Work.