Your Ticket

Your Ticket is your credential — whether a BC Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) or a National Red Seal. Your Ticket is what you can earn at the end of your training. 95% of SkilledTradesBC ticket holders are proud to have their ticket!

Why should you get your Ticket?

Once you get your Ticket you are certified as a trades person in BC. Getting your Ticket means you can earn more money, have more job security, and have better employment opportunities.

Who better to tell you why you should get your Ticket than those who already have one? As part of SkilledTradesBC's 10 Year Anniversary we asked tradespeople certified 10 years ago to share their stories and where their certificates have taken them. Below are a few great stories of how the trades can be a great career and life choice!

Kris Sorenson, Electrician

Nancy Fletcher, Cosmetologist

Erik Goldsmith, Electrician

Jeremy Lenz, Machinist

Kris Sorenson, Electrician

It's hard to believe it was ten short years ago that I completed my apprenticeship training and qualified for my Journeyman's Red Seal Electrician ticket (TQ).

The time invested in my apprenticeship was with a definite purpose, to learn, to ask questions, and to qualify for my 'TQ'. I felt that with my TQ in hand, I would be very employable. I have always approached my work with pride, and an attention to detail; and because of this I can thankfully say I have never experienced more than a day or two of unemployment to this point in my career. I have strived to continue learning, and adding tools to my arsenal, allowing me to be more skilled and employable had I not.

A year after receiving my Red Seal certification, I wrote and passed the exam to receive my FSR B designation. Each step of learning, each step of improvement adds to who I have become as a tradesman.

I was fortunate enough to work with a skilled Journeyman Electrician, through my apprenticeship. A man that was willing to teach me, as well as to allow me to fail when I needed to, so that I might learn for myself.

In my current position, I am the 'Electrical Chargehand' for Planning and Development department, at the City of Surrey. I am the FSR B, for the City of Surrey facilities that we currently maintain, which is over 125 in number. I supervise a crew of three other electricians and one fire alarm technician, managing and scheduling work for the crews and I, while co-ordinating external electrical contractors work that exceed our capacities as a crew.

My Red Seal Certification has allowed me to enjoy a wonderful livelihood, while having a direct positive impact in the community in which I live and work. I can only hope that many other men and women choose to excel in the electrical trades, not for a job, but for a career; a career that can allow us to leave evidence of our contribution to the neighborhoods in which we live. 

Thank-you for the opportunity to share my 'story'.

Kris Sorenson

Nancy Fletcher, Cosmetologist

Nancy has been in the Cosmetology industry for 47 years and a long standing member of the Cosmetology Industry Association. She has earned her Advanced Instructor Diploma as well as the Beauty Safe certification. In 2004, she received her SkilledTradesBC Certificate of Qualification and is now an instructor at the Penticton School of Hair and operating an in house salon.

She was inspired to become a stylist by her cousin who was in hair school. At the age of 10, Nancy frequently went into the school with her cousin to practice cutting hair and fell in love with the trade.

Nancy registers all of her students in SkilledTradesBC apprenticeships and has even hired some on as stylists. One of the most rewarding parts of sponsoring apprentices for her is seeing them achieve their goal of completing the program and starting on their way to become certified. 

Erik Goldsmith, Electrician

My name is Erik Goldsmith and I graduated from my apprenticeship and became a red seal journeyman electrician on October 29, 2004.  At the time of my graduation I was working for BC Hydro and I have continued to work for them ever since. Upon graduation I took a journeyman maintenance and operations electrician position at the Bridge River Generating station. The Bridge River Generating Station is located about 1.5 hours’ drive west of Lillooet and was built in the 1940s and 50s. The work there was very interesting because there is such a diverse range of equipment. Some the equipment dates back to the original construction and some of it had been upgraded with modern technologies. In total I spent 5 ½ years working at Bridge River, and during that time I was able to use my training and skills to take on new and increasingly challenging positions, starting with the position of electrical foreman and eventually moving on to the position of maintenance and operations manager.

In 2010 I moved to Squamish and took on the position of maintenance and operations manager for the South Coastal Generation Area within BC Hydro, and I am still in that job today. The South Coastal Generation Area consists of two generating stations – Cheakamus and Clowhom, and two dams – Daisy Lake and Clowhom. I am also one of three representatives on BC Hydro’s apprentice electrician sub-committee. The role of that committee is to look after the hiring and training of all apprentice electricians within BC Hydro. Between my time spent on the apprentice electrician sub-committee and my job as maintenance and operations manager I am always busy, and constantly exposed to exciting new challenges. Overall my career with BC Hydro has been very rewarding and none of it would have been possible without my red seal journeyman’s certification.


Erik Goldsmith

Jeremy Lenz, Machinist

After considering his options, Jeremy enrolled with BCIT in their Machinist Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) program. Once he finished the ELTT program he was able to secure an apprenticeship with York Machine Shop who he has been happily working for ever since! In October 2004 with dedication and hard work Jeremey earned his Machinist Red Seal certification. He has been machining products for many different industries and with a variety of materials, from carbon steel to plastics and hardened stainless steel to titanium. His Red Seal certification has let him provide for his wife and two children.

Jeremy says, “It has taught me many life skills, many of which transfer to all different parts of life, including organization and leadership skills that allowed me to open up a non-profit judo club! I feel that I owe a deep gratitude to the trades and working for a great company like York Machine Shop.”