Apprenticeship Recognition Month 2022

Join us to celebrate Apprenticeship Recognition Month - November 2022 to spotlight the valuable contribution B.C. apprentices make to our industries and economy.

November is recognized by the provincial government as Apprenticeship Recognition Month and we are excited to celebrate the thousands of apprentices in B.C. and the people and organizations that support them on their career pathway.

Read the official release here. 

As of the end of our last annual reporting period (April 2022), there were 37,850 active apprentices in B.C. That is 37,850 unique pathways to a sustainable and rewarding career that will ultimately support a diverse range of industries in B.C. and beyond. Apprentices work thousands of hours with employer sponsors and make valuable contributions to B.C.’s economy and as they progress through to certification. Even after certification and in their working careers, perhaps they will have an opportunity to guide and mentor apprentices in their trade and pass on valuable knowledge and skills.

With this in mind, we are using the hashtag, “#ApprenticeshipAppreciation” in our month-long initiative to celebrate apprentices and the community that supports them on their journey.

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Do you know an apprentice or employer champion?

The Champions of Apprenticeship are recognized for their outstanding achievements in BC apprenticeship system. These Champions are celebrated for their hard work in creating certified tradesworkers, supporting their industry and promoting apprenticeship. Do you know an outstanding employer sponsor or apprentice? Send us an email and nominate them to become a Champion of Apprenticeship!