Apprenticeship: Who's Who

SkilledTradesBC (ITA)

The SkilledTradesBC is the provincial government agency that governs and manages BC's industry trades training and certification system. SkilledTradesBC works with employers, employees, industry, labour, training providers and government to issue credentials, manage apprenticeships, set program standards, and increase opportunities in the trades.

SkilledTradesBC is responsible for providing information and assistance through its customer services department (online, phone and walk-in).

SkilledTradesBC registers apprentices and employer sponsors, maintains apprentice records, oversees exams and other assessments, issues credentials and funds training at public and private institutions.

SkilledTradesBC sets the following standards for skilled trades training programs:

  • Scope and skills requirements
  • Duration, content and number of levels of school-based technical training
  • Program outlines
  • Number of hours of supervised on-the-job training
  • Required exam marks or assessment outcomes
  • Recommendation for certification
  • Training provider requirements related to curriculum, facilities, equipment, instructor qualifications, student support and assessment methodologies.

SkilledTradesBC also sets standards for achieving certification through certification challenge:

  • Pre-requisites for challenge (work hours and scope of experience)
  • Required exam marks or assessment outcomes.


An apprentice works with an employer sponsor to complete work-based training, technical training, and exams. An apprentice is registered with SkilledTradesBC and, along with the employer sponsor, reports progress towards program requirements.

Employer Sponsor

Every registered apprentice has a sponsor and an employer. The employer is the person or company who hires the apprentice. The sponsor commits to helping the apprentice get opportunities to learn on the job, and reports progress to ITA. The sponsor is the individual, company or organization registered with ITA.

In most cases, the sponsor and employer are the same person, company or organization. In some cases – for example when an industry organization or union is the sponsor – the apprentice may work for a number of employers on various job sites throughout the apprenticeship.

Recognized Training Provider

Technical (classroom) training makes up about 15% of an apprenticeship, and is paid for by the apprentice. Check SkilledTradesBC's list of Recognized Training Providers to confirm the specific type and level of training that each training provider is authorized to deliver. (link to Recognized Training Providers)