Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I eligible?
As eligibility requirements will differ, we encourage you to contact the service providers directly to discuss eligibility.

Is there an age resriction?
Your age will NOT be a constraint to attend any of these programs as long as you meet all other eligibility. 
How do I register?
For information and to register into one of these pre-apprenticeship programs, contact the service providers directly.
Where is the training located?
Each service provider offers different training. Some of our service providers could have the ability to serve participants throughout the province, while others are located in 1 or 2 regions only. It is recommended you check with the individual service providers.
What financial assistance do these programs offer?
Financial assistance will vary from service provider to service provider. Often supports may include, funded pre-apprenticeship training, exploratory training, work-site visits, day-care, transportation support, work gear etc. More detailed information can be provided by contacting the service providers directly to understand their supports and services better.
I need financial assistance for technical training
Please visit links below to learn more about the Canada Apprentice Loan.
If you have further questions kindly contact the service provider in your region or email us at  or