Standard Level Exams

Standard Level Exams (SLE’s) are written on the last day of in-school training and will count for 20% of your overall mark. SkilledTradesBC has begun implementing SLE’s to help ensure a common standard of training. Writing SLE’s throughout your apprenticeship helps you prepare for your certification exam.

SLE’s are delivered both online and on paper. Online exams are preferred for these reasons:

  • Quick processing of exam results
  • Increased exam protection and security
  • Questions and responses can be scrambled
  • Enhanced analysis of exam results
  • Electronic feedback provided by students versus paper-based Blue Sheets
  • Zoom-in capability on diagrams
  • No bubble-sheet mistakes
  • One question displayed at a time; easier for apprentices to focus, no distracting text
  • Flag questions you want to come back to
  • Review page shows unanswered questions
  • Exam time remaining is shown
  • Practice questions available online

Trades that are available for online exam delivery for Technical Training Providers

SkilledTradesBC Notice Regarding Electronic Code Books