Holders of a Military Trade Certification

If you can show proof of a Military Trade Certification, with proof of a Military ranking at QL5 or higher, you can provide this in lieu of completing a Certification Challenge Package. This applies for specific trades only (see table below). For additional resources, please visit the Helmets to Hardhats website.

Please provide the following documents:

There is no assessment fee required.

  MT# Military Trade Red Seal Trade
1 367/313 Marine Engineer / Marine Engineering Technician 1. Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
2. Machinist
2 125/331/332

Electrical Technician / Marine Electrician

Industrial Electrician
3 129/411 Vehicle Technician 1. Automotive Service Technician
2. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
3. Truck and Transport Mechanic
4 134/441 Material Technician Welder
5 301/641 Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
6 302/642 Electrical Distribution Technician Construction Electrician
7 304/646 Plumbing and Heating Technician 1. Plumber
2. Oil Heat System Technician
8 306/648 Construction Technician Carpenter
9 164/861 Cook Cook