Hear from Employers

Business owners know that hiring an apprentice makes good business sense. It's an investment in their company's future, and it gives them a competitive edge.

Hear what BC employers are saying about apprenticeship:

Rob Trampuh, Timber Peak Construction
"Apprentices are a key component for our company – they're the lifeblood, they're the lifeline."

Dan Mott, President of Mott Electric
"Apprentices bring new ideas, they're on the latest technology and they are able to take us into new markets."

Robert Lashin, President & CEO of Houle Electric
"I'm investing in my company and I'm going to get great dividends in the future."

Bruce Sutherland, President of Wolftek Industries Inc.
“There’s no better way to ensure strong, effective growth in your company than to hire an apprentice. They bring fresh new ideas, giving you a competitive edge that adds value to your business.”